The 2020 Longlist Published Comic Novels

Ta da! CWIP is overexcited to offer this year’s range of witty and original material. Due to content there may be a risk of laughter, enjoyment or very possibly peeing with abandon...

The 2020 Longlist Published Humorous Graphic Novels

CWIP is smugly chuffed to come in on the coat tails of LDComics and make out that CWIP knew all along about the joy of graphic novels and humour on the page... Thanks LDC

The 2020 Longlist Unpublished Comic Novels

“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair” Mary Heaton Vorse. I don’t know Mary, but she’s not wrong. These ‘CWIP stars of tomorrow’ were seen to score highly on the pants thing.


Winner receives a cash prize from...

In association with...

HC Fire Water (1).jpg

One runner-up will receive a cash prize and mentoring from...

The winner receives a cash advance and publishing contract from...

One runner-up will receive an MA in Comedy Writing from...

Important Dates

Shortlists Announced

Monday 8th June, 2020

Winners Announced

Monday 14th September, 2020

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