The Longlisted Humorous Graphic Novel Authors

Liana Finck

Passing for Humans

(Jonathan Cape)

Liana Finck's work appears in The New Yorker and on Catapult and her popular Instagram feed. She is also published in The Paris Review, Slate, Harpers, The New York Review of Books, LA Review of Books and The New York Times. Her graphic novel A Bintel Brief  was published by Ecco Press. She received a Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists and a BA from Cooper Union. 

Susannah Felstead

The Trials and Tribulations of Mr T.Deyum


Susannah's work centres around creating stories which engross the reader and give a moment of light-hearted relief from what is so often a serious world. She's partial to pinching plausibility from a mundane observation or situation and using it as a foundation on which to build absurdity and humour.

Kate Charlesworth

Sensible Footwear:

A Girl's guide

(Myriad Editions)

Kate Charlesworth is a cartoonist and illustrator from Barnsley. After art college in Manchester she was part of a golden age of gay publishing. She has drawn storyboards for Aardman Animations and worked for newspapers, magazines, books, indie comics, exhibitions and electronic media. Kate collaborated with Mary and Bryan Talbot (Costa winners) to illustrate Sally Heathcote: Suffragette, published by Jonathan Cape.

Morag Lewis

A Pocketful of Clouds

(Sweatdrop Studios)

Morag Lewis likes telling stories and drawing, and started her first webcomic in 2002. She has been enjoying the storytelling ever since. A molecular biologist, she studies the genetics of progressive hearing loss by day and draws comics at night. She is also a member of Sweatdrop Studios, a UK-based independent publisher and comics collaborative. A Pocketful of Clouds is her fourth and longest-running webcomic.


Vanessa Lawrence

The 'C' Word


Vanessa Lawrence is a Brighton based artist & educator. Having studied Fine Art Practice (MA) at Brighton University, she has worked in museums & galleries across the UK, including Tate Britain, National Gallery and the Barbican Centre. She caught the graphic novel bug after taking a course at the Royal Drawing School. 

Mei Lian Hoe

My Husband is a Cultist


Mei Lian Hoe is an animator and freelance comic artist from Malaysia who is constantly coming up with new ideas for various stories or projects. Mei is most interested in the comedy that comes from the everyday, especially in the realm of mundane fantasy. My Husband Is a Cultist is Mei's first long term comic project, which started as a single joke and grew

Jessica Martin

Life Drawing: A Life Under Lights


Jessica Martin is an actress and graphic novelist. In 2013 she wrote, illustrated and published It Girl, about Clara Bow. Her first graphic novel was shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Prize 2014, published by Miwk Publishing in 2015. She’s continued to work independently and collaborating with writers and artists for mainstream comic publishers Titan and DC Comics. Life Drawing. A Life Under Lights was published by Unbound in 2019. She’s currently working on another graphic novel. 

Emily McGovern

Bloodlust And Bonnets

(Simon & Schuster)

Emily was born in the UK but grew up in Brussels. After graduating, she began a Foundation Art Diploma and made hand-drawn animations and paintings of witches. She spent a year in Russia running a weekly art “gathering”.  By 2016 she was building a comic driven social media platform based around the regular posting of her My Life As a Background Slytherin comic. Bloodlust and Bonnets is her first graphic novel.

Danny Noble

Was it...Too Much For You?


Danny Noble is an obsessive diarist who has published several comic books of her own. She illustrated Adrian Edmondson's first two children's books for Puffin Random House and was shortlisted for The Arts Foundation Fellowship Award. When not writing and drawing she sings with her band The Meow Meows and her first graphic memoir, Shame Pudding, will be published this May by Street Noise Books.

Posy Simmonds

Cassandra Darke

(Jonathan Cape)

Posy Simmonds is the author of many books for adults and children, including Gemma Bovery, Lulu and the Flying Babies and Fred, the film of which was nominated for an Oscar. She has won international awards for her work, including the Grand Prix 2009 de la Critique Bande Dessiné for Tamara Drewe. Both Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe have been made into successful feature films. She lives in London.

Rachael Smith

Stand in your Power


Rachael Smith is a comic artist and writer. She’s created many critically acclaimed graphic novels including Wired Up Wrong, Stand in Your Power, Artificial Flowers, and The Rabbit, which was nominated for Best Book in the 2015 British Comic Awards, following her nomination for Emerging Talent. Rachael’s worked on Titan's Doctor Who Comic series and is currently working on Isabella & Blodwen as well as making her #QuarantineComix series inspired by the lockdown. 

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