About The Prize

The brainchild of award-winning comedian Helen Lederer, Comedy Women in Print (CWIP) will celebrate and support female comedy writers.

Comedy writing is a powerful tool, yet comedy writing by women is under-acknowledged.  The prize will bring forward the next generation of female talent as well as shine a light on women who have an established comedy writing career. Female comedy writing can be given a respected place within the canvas of British wit on the page.  

More needs to be done to celebrate the achievements of women excelling in this field and to nurture and support the diverse voices of the next generation of witty female writers.

There has never been a more expedient time to support the witty voices of women.


Female witty writing is compelling, empowering, connecting and releasing.

The judges will be looking for evidence of wit ranging from irony to absurdity – offering laugh out loud moments and a sense of connection, truth and recognition to the reader.

Helen's Biography:

Helen Lederer is probably best known as part of London’s alternative comedy scene at the Comedy Store in the eighties and for her roles in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and the BBC comedy sketch show ‘Naked Video’.  She is not only a comedian and actor but also a comedy novelist.  Her first novel ‘Losing It’, was nominated for the PG Wodehouse comedy literary prize.  Helen is the founder of Comedy Women In Print (CWIP).

A word from the CWIP Judges
A behind the scenes peek into the hopes and dreams of CWIP from the first judgment day (thanks be to Ryman and their team).  
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