There's nothing better than a friend... Unless it's a CWIP friend

When CWIP began, a few years ago, Helen looked around rather hopefully for a way to fund it. Many meetings and being thrown out of bars later, she discovered the power of friends.


Thank you to the founding donations from CWIP friends who coughed up in our first year to help
with the costs of administration.


In these difficult times we’ve never needed a laugh more. Helen continues to grow CWIP for 2021 (she can’t stop now), and if you feel a few of your pounds could help pay costs – that is effing marvellous. It will pay some bills. And if this is not the right time – we get that too.

Thanks be to Mandy Baggot, Jen Beales, Eleanor Ballguot, Sue Clark, Jane Acton, Sarah Joyce, Chris Dudley, Debra Stammers, Maddie Please, Suzanna J Gandy, Claire O’Donnell, Katy Kedrick, Nick Steel, Don Beales, Liz Fox, Sharon Lewis, Janet Ellis, Anna Anderson, Vickie Jolly, Dr Pam Spurr, Lucy Evans, Claire O’Brien, Jayney Epega, Rebecca Papworth  Jessica Adamas, Gavin Benningfield, Jonathan Self, Mark O’Neil, Faith Bleasdale, Miranda Dickinson,  Anna Anderson.

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