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...Unless it's a CWIP friend 

Lifetime Bestie

YES!! Thank you for this top brass support for Comedy Women in Print. Every witty woman writer salutes you. You’ll receive a thank you tweet from me and another massive merci on the quarterly Friends of CWIP blog. And now for the big one – you will be sent a FREE sparkly, lucky, limited edition, witty, very writerly indeed CWIP pen. We love you for following through with your incredibly generous support. You are directly making things happen - your support means CWIP can manage this prize to celebrate
witty writers.

Gal Pal

Thank you for doing this lovely thing. You will receive a bespoke thank you message on Twitter and another big merci on the quarterly Friends of CWIP blog. Can’t send you any tights on this occasion – (they all went in the goody bags soz) but CWIP team is sending you huge and lasting gratitude on behalf of witty women writers.

Bosom Buddy

We love you for being here and giving your support to witty women writers when you could be eating something in a nice restaurant or watching a film noir. You chose US. Gracias. You will receive a sincere thank you on the quarterly Friends of CWIP Blog

– You matter!

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