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We've had a facelift...

Ok so we’ve gone a bit fancy – we have a new website layout to showcase the CWIP Winner’s event - no worries if you weren’t there – we thought of that and have provided moving images for your perusal. Very moving in some cases - and the fact that Harper Fiction are going to publish the winning first unpublished novel 2020 makes me ...well even more moved…. 

2020 Winners - Laura Stevens and Kirsty Eyre with their Hussey's

Well done Kirsty Eyre – she will be back at next year’s event but with her own BOOK this time instead of her handbag – or maybe both.

And now to say a total thank you to those who have graced the wall of fame. All these people below are inscribed on the ‘Wall of Wonders’ created by the talented Andrew Colthart. These supporters of women’s wit have chosen to insert their hard-earned money in the CWIP coffers. This has helped pay for the INFRASTRUCTURE of the prize because without INFRASTRUCTURE we are nothing…. In fact, the first time I heard the word infrastructure I loved it so much I nearly enrolled on a civil engineering course.

CWIP wall of wonders

We love every one of these people above. You are fam. Hoping you will tune in on this blog page for new CWIP news, alumni news (we have alumni now – although we don’t have a sports day or anything like that) and other news that may keep the pens in play ….

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