Unpublished PRIZE


We would like to address the criticism of this year’s Unpublished Longlist.


Despite the aspiration of the CWIP team, and the HarperFiction publishing team, to make the prize fully inclusive – which has always included judging all entries in the initial phase blind without any identifying information about the authors, and as of this year also eliminating the entry fee – we acknowledge there are significant improvements to be made. We will ensure that next year more is actively done to encourage a wider pool of submissions, to guarantee that this doesn’t happen again. We will be reviewing our processes and proactively working to more directly encourage and support witty women writers of colour in the future, and contributing to changing the publishing ecosystem for unpublished and underrepresented authors.


CWIP aims to recognise, celebrate and encourage all witty women authors – we wholeheartedly apologise and will endeavour to meet the standards and aims of this literary prize. 

We thank you so much for your continued support and feedback. 

Comedy Women in Print