CWIP PRIZE UNPUBLISHED WRITER CONTENT CRITERIA:   Wit, absurdity and irony. The judges are looking for evidence of wit ranging from irony to absurdity - offering laugh out loud moments and a sense of connection, truth and recognition to the reader.     

If you haven't already read the submission guidelines, please click here and read them now. Please also read the terms and conditions here.


To access the entry form and upload your file please make your £10 payment via the Paypal link below.  Succesful payment will take you to the entry form where you will need to complete your details of Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email Address, Phone Number and then you will upload your synopsis and 8000 words of your comedy novel.

Please ensure you accept the terms and conditions of entry before you make your payment. Once you have completed your payment in Paypal please click the "return to merchant" button to access the entry form where you can enter your details and upload your entry document.  See guidelines for format requirements.

How To Pay

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