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No more salmon blinis

For the last two weeks, I’ve made more smoked salmon blinis and knocked back more cava than blanket baths - and it’s time to stop. (What is it about seeing relatives over Christmas that makes us reach for a tub of Philadelphia?) But the good news is this: Xmas is over, and I can now declare a canapé armistice and start writing.

Formal tableau of saluting 2020 – blini free

I’ve liberated myself from the mini blini and I’m back at my keyboard. Obviously, I can’t tell you everything about the joy of getting all touchy feely with the brain again, along with some arousing self-lettering - suffice to say the blood is pumping ….  

DO NOT FEEL guilty about the past two weeks. Yes, we may be wider, fatter and in my case slightly shorter, since my office chair is currently being de-stained and re-stuffed and I’m making do with a lower stool, but at least I’m back in the game at my desk…. as, I hope are you.  

But if you need a writerly ‘prod’ to get back to your usual 2000 a day word count habit, read on. 

CWIP wants to receive your funny entries if you are an unpublished writer - and we want to be sent your funny books if you are a publisher (including funny graphic novels) - because quite frankly, there’s no time to waste. Entries end in Feb (2 March actually, but just putting the frighteners on).


Here is your five a day for the CWIP 2020 writerly diet 

  • Self-belief (google ‘life coach’, ‘affirmations’ ‘modern headphones’)

  • Coffee (loads)

  • An erotic fantasy book for elevenses (‘My Secret Garden’ by Nancy Friday)

  • Broadsheet newspaper (find a column by someone nice) 

  • Tabloid (horoscopes and the schadenfreude of famous rich people falling out with each other) 

Award winning, best-selling and witty novelist Marian Keyes remains our biggest supporter and judge – (her latest book ‘Grown Ups’ is quite wonderful). More exciting announcements soon.

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