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We need you, frankly….. 

When CWIP began, a few years ago, Helen looked around rather hopefully for a way to fund it. Many meetings and being thrown out of bars later, she discovered the power of friends and a free drink. Without the support of visionaries and truly wonderful people we would not have created the careers of unpublished witty writers or given the effing huge attention to the UK and Ireland’s best witty authors.  

Lockdown closed its bar to Helen’s schmoozing windows, but interestingly CWIP has upped its game by continuing to empower witty writers, hold other organisations to account and run a prize infrastructure. Why? Because CWIP is needed.

Your donation will make CWIP continue. Women’s wit is driving the agenda. Please be our friend. No matter how modest, (modest moi?) your contribution directly funds CWIP and ensures women’s wit on the page counts.



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