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Was CWIP a fluke ? on

Doing BBC Radio 4's 'a good read' with the wonderful Angela Barnes and Harriet Gilbert discussing Muriel Spark, whose advice to anyone in need of cheering up was simply 'go to Paris'....

Dear visitor, reader, author, potential benefactor and curious person,

So far so good. The entries are now all  IN. I admit there were doubts. That thing where I thought just because we did CWIP one year - can we pull it off again? And was the first year a fluke kind of thing?

And without the luxury of  having regular 'office hugs' (I work alone in a crusty room so understandably people don't tend to linger) it was easy to have doubts. HOWEVER - after a frenzy of hassling people 24/7 until I bored myself - the entries have turned out to be HUGE. The judges will soon be readying themselves with a gin, er, I mean fizzy water and a nice seating position to read uplifting, ironic, witty and altogether pleasing literature.

Meanwhile  I continue to gad about, keeping my hand in so as not to let you down .... (and to get paid).

I hope I'm not breaking any confidentiality by saying this book was not an entry

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