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CWIP gets Graphic

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Something good just happened for CWIP. A very exciting gathering with Ladies Do Comics took place at an oldy booky venue on The Strand with a nice oldy worldy bar tender.

Before anyone could say 'leadership, cooperation, or graphic narrative' I ordered a house wine and I fear drank most of it. Possibly the very talented Rachael Ball managed to sneak in a glass - but I do worry that the equally talented Nicola Streeten may have gone without...

Nicola is laughing here - possibly because she knew she wouldn't get a hangover

Anyway, CWIP asked LDCOMICS to partner on a new PUBLISHED HUMOROUS GRAPHIC NOVEL section of the CWIP prize 2020 and mercifully they said yes.

Not only will the new winner of the unpublished prize get a publishing deal worth £5000, (along with an MA in comedy and more cash and mentoring for runners up ) alongside the published winner who also gets a very nice stash of dosh from ALCS - but NOW a winner from the Graphic Novel community will receive a generous cash prize as well. Yes - the witty Graphic novel Hoo Hah set has now joined the CWIP party.

Here you can see my adult notes - shining through with excitement.

The word 'insight' on our notes is encouraging here

Some nice info about these very talented witty authors who know what they are doing:

is author of 'The Inflatable Woman' - A Guardian Best Graphic Novel of 2015 and one of Paul Gravett's Top 10 British Graphic Novels 2015.

"Read it. Inspiring. Poignant.Wonderfully unconventional" - Sunday Telegraph

She is also author of 'Wolf' published by Self Made Hero in 2018 (Arts Council Funded.)

is Associate Researcher - Media, Film & Music, at the University of Sussex and Director of


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