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How to be very (very) angry with fumin’ and fab Lucy Mangan

Lucy's cat

For readers who haven’t (yet!) read your witty novel, can you tell us about it in one sentence?

I always think of it as a howl of rage and bitterness at middle age, marriage, motherhood, and life. Enjoy!

The differences in expectations between mothers and fathers can be quite depressing. Why did you decide to make it funny in this book?

Because otherwise, like most women, I would murder everyone.

And is anger funny?

Not all anger – but you can make (some) anger funny, and it often makes the point more effectively – or lets you express yourself more clearly.

What inspired you to structure the novel as first-person diary entries?

It was originally conceived as an update of Diary Of A Provincial Lady but I’m a lot more pissed off than EM Delafield – or a lot less accepting of my lot. But then she had a fucking lovely life. If I had time to plant bulbs, I wouldn’t be half so angry. Maybe.

When (or if) you do manage to get an elusive moment of peace, unlike Liz!, how do you spend it?

I sit down, I read a book, and I fall asleep.

Finally, can you tell us why you think CWIP is important, particularly as you are a fabulous debut novelist author who manages to write funny columns and books at the same time?

Women being funny about their own stuff and on their own terms is still a rarity, and that needs support and recognition.

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