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Eye brow dye and laughter quota

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Dear reader, witty friend and fellow isolé

Hoping this finds you safe in your homes, stocked with essentials - dry shampoo, a zoom account and eyebrow dye? CWIP is revving up and eyebrow neglect could be very unforgiving in a CWIP zoom meeting.

Oh, the nostalgia of putting on mascara and outdoor clothing to go to the BBC for 'A Good Read' a mere few weeks ago.

Here's the link: Do listen, but only if you have some downtime to spare. I chose a favourite 90's comedy novel 'The Understudy' by David Nichols which has survived the passage of time (sat nav, face time and er zoom) to offer a reliably high hit rate of laughter from the page. 

And extracting the laughter is what CWIP is all about. Unfortunately, not ALL the funny entries can be longlisted as that would mess with the selection system (the implications of a winner mean that not everyone gets to be one apparently - soo mean). But we will have the LONGLIST to be announced on 20 APRIL and the SHORTLIST on JUNE 8th.  

In my lockdown reading chair...

The only change to our itinerary is moving the WINNER's announcement and event to 14th September. This give us more time to develop CWIP Book Club, on line Zumba/tapestry/potholing  and bigger CWIP social media partying together.

If only it wasn't so silent, I'd write more about our plans, but my focus has gone with all this quiet. I might have to ask the neighbours to get back on the trampoline and start jumping and screaming again. Its really, really... oh hang on... I can hear someone shouting outside. I've tensed up - phew. CWIP is safe.

Keeping calm and carrying on

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