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Question from pioneer feminist Betty Friedman in 1963 ‘Is this all?’

Answer from CWIP in 2019 is a resounding ‘NOOOOOO. There’s more’

Because, guess what? KING OF SOHO has made us their own CWIP COCKTAIL!!!  

We have no choice but to officially salute here “Kitten With A CWIP” – inspired by the Witty (obvs) flavours of a Bakewell Tart - Here she is! 

This is not a Bakewell tart.

Which is why we prefer this ….

May I confirm ‘Kitten with a CWIP’ works on the tongue – it hits fast, with an enticingly nutty, warm glow – followed by a kick down the sides – CWIP can be taken now intravenously which fast-tracks the pleasure

Kitten with a CWIP

And from the tongue, we now move to the PEN – that other ESSENTIAL tool of witty empowerment on the page. How many female pens does it take to change a light bulb? None. You’ve got to leave something for men to think they're good at. (Slightly adapted joke to embrace stationery as you have already observed)

But stationery is part of a writer’s life blood. How many times have you gone out and then found you haven’t got a pen, and asked someone for their pen, and then forget you asked, and when they ask for their pen back, it’s gone? I could go on….

Thankfully, the writers’ pen deficit is over as RYMAN is now supporting CWIP - not just in pens but in sponsorship - this means we can grow, do stuff and get bigger. Ryman told us ‘What better day to announce our partnership and further raise awareness of the CWIP PRIZE, than International Women’s Day…it is important to support, identify and bring the laughter to the fore through inspiring women.”  Yes, we say, and again yes.

Here’s is my teenage poem about loss, angst and parties - showing you how much the pen has always been needed – even in one's less witty years …


And if that’s not enough...

CWIP is TAKING OVER on SATURDAY 25th May 2019 at HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN FESTIVAL - this amazing festival is the friendliest and most discursive ever - people sit in the sun wearing nice jeans to talk to complete strangers about String Theory (ok that’s a lie) but it’s about visibility of witty women this year – In fact, it’s all about female comedy - so many amazing clever witty women will be here.

I’m coming with a CWIP celebrity judge to celebrate CWIP’s #femalefunnyfiction and the LONGLISTED and SHORTLISTED WINNERS - what really goes on behind the scenes in the judging rooms…? Coming?

here’s me last year, before I hit the gin and talked about the illusion of happiness - possibly …

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