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Recovery position, CWIP winners and me

Ladies and gentlewomen, it is done. I lay in the recovery position (with hummus crisps) - as the 2020 winners 'lock down - zoom - mash-up - YouTube film' went viral. Well, not quite viral, but more than one person viewed it, which I see as a plus. Here is the link again: Winners' Event

We had singing, we had laughing, and we had surprise. And the secret of comedy - according to Aristotle, is surprise. From Emma Kennedy's pretend Lego 'award', to the tears of 2020 Unpublished comedy novel prize winner Faye Brann - none of us quite knew what was going to happen next. Even Mary Berry CBE dropped in, as did The Princess Royal, which only goes to prove that CWIP 2020 attracted the attention of some great people.

A 'winner event' in lock down, with changing rules of how many people can gather in a garden is indeed a moving feast. But the winning novels are not going anywhere. Here they are again.

Here are some sneaky pics of a few spatially corrected guests (see below), who were not celebrity judges' authors or cousins. (too many to invite and anyway...I'm in the suburbs) I counted two publishers and an agent though...which bodes well for business cards.

The following people deserve a huge nudge forward to take a bow - Kath Eastman, Maureen Stapleton, Robin Thompson, Andrew James, Isabelle Panay, Alex Scott, Fiona Hughes, Karen McPherson, Anna Pitt, Katherine Armstrong, Anne Summers, Annabelle Pounder, Clare Parsons and Tony Langham on behalf of Lansons (Clare and Tony are our angels)  and so many other truly generous people who have offered help, suggestions and services along the way to get us to here.

Enjoy reading this from The Guardian: Nina Stibbe wins Comedy Women in Print Prize

If you didn't win - fear not. NOR did I. It is the WRITING that counts. Every single author is funny. But a competition means we get a look in. Thank you for looking.

Normal service to be resumed soon.

Love Helen Led xx

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