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  • Helen Lederer

Shock Sticker sighting with free pen sitch!

Beth O'Leary's The Flatshare adorned with a CWIP sticker!

Yes, we have Sticker Status!! And one day soon dear reader, when you next meander through your favourite bookshop again, pausing only to pick up a muffin or naughty greeting card, you will alight upon the CWIP table of EXTRA SPECIALLY, RELIABLY CERTIFIABLY, FUNNY NOVELS and you may be moved  to remark at the SHEER BEAUTY OF THIS CWIP STICKER as illustrated here by me. (Thanks to Quercus for the STICKERED paperback of Beth O'Leary's The Flatshare.)

We have been praised for our pure pen logo before, and it seemed only decent to display it here again.

The sticker also implies there may be a risk of 'Laugh Out Loud' content in the accompanying book, because we are looking out for you.

Important URGENT announcement: To get us to the Winners' Event on 14 September, there is still TIME to offer a fiver here: Just Giving. We'll raffle five of the remaining CWIP pens to a lucky recipient. Email me - Helen Lederer - to mention you've been amazing in your support to go in the draw. We need to continue, you see...

Abigail Mann, who as you know, is a published author after being runner-up in last year's unpublished CWIP Prize with The Lonely Fajita - well, she swears by her pen. (She also writes novels with it.) It is her LUCKY pen.

And because we need a laugh SO much, Witty Wednesdays on Instagram have morphed into a highlight of my week and hopefully yours. I had such a laugh with CWIP unpublished shortlisted author Zahra Barri last week.

I am counting the days until 15th July when I can crack a glass with Abbi Waxman (wonderful shortlisted author of The Bookish Life of Nina Hill) next Wednesday.

I'm planning a drinking game with wondrous Nina Stibbe on the 12th August (clever shortlisted author of Reasons to be Cheerful'). Don't tell her about the drinking game. She doesn't know this yet.

Signing off with the hope you might offer a small amount - I need you.

The Comedy Women in Print pen lying on a paperback copy of Beth O'Leary's The Flatshare which has the CWIP sticker on it
A close-up of the CWIP pen and sticker

Also, why did Shakespeare always write in pen? Pencils were confusing to him - 2B or not 2B?

PS I did not write this joke. But you knew that.

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