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The comedy of anger, schmoozing, and sleuthing... CWIP shortlistee Clare Ward-Smith sees the light

Kirsty Eyre

What made you want to write a novel in the first place?

Oodles of pent-up inner rage, which needed an outlet.

(Also, because, readers of my former blog ( had been nagging me to write one for ages.)

Who are your female comic inspirations? Who’s the funniest female in TV/book/film right now?

Victoria Wood and Helen Lederer, of course! There are too many hilarious women around to mention them all, but Jane Ions and her Domestic Bliss and Other Disasters is laugh-out-loud funny and I’m so sorry I didn’t get to chat with Jane at the CWIP Party. We would have had a blast. (Maybe next year, eh, Jane?!) On the plus side, I did get to chat to Kathy Lette and Meera Syal; two amazingly amusing ladies. It was a fabulous party.

What have you been up to since being shortlisted for the CWIP unpublished prize?

Editing my book and re-editing my book, signing with my lovely agent (Jenny Savill) dealing with a horrible burglary (for a while I turned into Nancy Drew) and starting some new writing projects.

What difference has being shortlisted made to you?

It allowed me to believe in the book, it introduced me to some lovely new people and it proved to my (numerous!) doubters that I hadn’t just been loafing about for the past few years!

Can you sum up the CWIP experience in three words?

Surprisingly superbly sensational

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