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We want YOU - Reading groups to join CWIP judges

I don’t know if this will shock – but there’s a rumour that (in certain post codes), a reading group is seen as ‘an organisation who gathers on a monthly basis – usually in a sitting room – to passionately deconstruct carrot cake/HRT/Divorce - with the option of wine or gin while the book of choice is rudely ignored ’. I know. I was shocked. And I’m not saying where this came from except to confirm it wasn’t me. But let’s not get emosh.

A Reading Group is the back bone and barometer of quality reading in a group. You know and I know that.

We thought we’d go large and invite your reading group to act as shadow judges for the first ever CWIP Prize.

Be QUICK. It’s happening NOW – (OMG) so, get your reading glasses and kindly complete this short survey. (doesn’t ask about cake preference) Deadline is MONDAY 20th May AT MIDDAY.

ALSO, if your group has read, or plans to read, any of the books chosen for CWIP, please share your thoughts on social media tagging @CWIPprize. We will love them. And you. GO ON - we need your feedback on #FunnyFemaleFiction.



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