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The 2020 Published Novels Shortlist

The 2020 titles reflect a range of surprising heroines that made us laugh in different ways - with tight witty narratives (Nina Stibbe), deep hilarity (Candice Carty Williams), harsh raucousness (Michelle Gallen), social satire (Angela Makholwa) compelling urban extremities (Beth O’Leary), ironic storytelling (Abbi Waxman) and provoking witty subject matter (Jeanette Winterson).

The 2020 Unpublished Novels Shortlist

The 2020 outstanding unpublished entries made judging a nightmare! We had such a range of witty content - with Laugh out loud gems (Zahra Barri), witty thriller (Faye Brann), ironically observed (Annette Gordon), wittily drawn characters (Janey Preger), original witty narrative (Julia Walter) and hilariously paced story telling (Kathleen Whyman).

The 2020 Published Humorous Graphic Novels Shortlist

2020 Graphic judging was a riot and a revelation. The judges were in awe of the art and laughed at the humour - with pitch perfect satire (Posy Simmonds), laugh out loud originality (Danny Noble), truth humour (Rachel Smith), witty history telling (Kate Charlesworth), surreal storytelling (Mei Lian Hoe) and hilarious extremities (Emily McGovern).

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