Enter now to #FlashYourFiction

Foreplay Fiction to get in the mood for CWIP entries 2021!

Less Romcoms. More Condoms...

We want funny, frisky fiction. The stories you dare to write when nobody’s peeking (or looking at your Google Search history) in no more than 100 words; we only want a quick flash. Entries open on Valentine's Day and close on 14th March 2021. Don’t be the one that starts but doesn’t finish, if you know what we mean.  


The grand prize is £100. If you want to enter (which we think you do), it’ll be £6.69 please. All entree fees go directly to CWIP costs, which in turn gives unpublished writers a chance to get their big break. See our T&Cs here. 

Go on. Laugh us into bed. Good luck.  

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