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  • Helen Lederer

‘THANK YOU so much!! Look what's happened. Thank you.’

We've set up a Just Giving Page for CWIP.

Thanking you in advance because here’s the thing: being a writer appears to suck right now. I don’t want to put you off, but currently, it’s not the best career choice if you happen to favour money over barter exchange.

We’re not far away from publishers offering up their water coolers in exchange for a publishing advance or posting out their old school biros for royalties. (Possible slight exag.)

Worse, proper book launches (that is, ones with WINE) are out of the question, while less-established authors, who relied on other jobs, can no longer do so. Even the most celebrated witty authors are having their publication dates postponed.

And yet we still need to read funny books. What to do? Set up a Just Giving page!

Well, I’m asking. That’s what I’m doing. I’m asking for money on our Just Giving page, which can be seen as unseemly in the current times. Rightly so. But it’s because of these new limits that CWIP must keep going.

Witty Writers need to be showcased by the CWIP platform We’ve proved we can showcase women and wit and we’ve got support from some of our finest grown ups.

SO, frankly, we've set up a Just Giving page. Can you pass this link to anyone who might wish to offer a tenner? but not the pads obviously, unless you’ve got loads – and we can keep going in these strange times. (Resisting the urge to say unprecedented but failed.)

Share our Just Giving page with friends, fam and the world.

A big THANK YOU from me and everyone at CWIP!

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