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What occurs when a girdle wearer stops wearing one? Jean Ende reveals all

Jean Ende

Could you tell us about your short story in one sentence, for the readers who haven’t read it (yet!)?

On the eve of her 80th birthday, Aunt Rachel, while wearing a gown from La Traviata, foils a girdle thief and teaches younger relatives not to assume a bit of dementia is a reason to ignore the wisdom of their elders.


Have you always been interested in (comic) writing, or did you fall into it unexpectedly? Have you ever kept a teenage diary?

I've always been a writer. I wrote the 4th grade play so I could guarantee myself the lead role, worked on high school and college newspapers because I thought others were keeping secrets from me and this role gave me access to places I might not have gotten admitted to otherwise.  Became a journalist because I thought I could imitate Lois Lane, quit when superman failed to show up.


We’d love to hear about where you get ideas for your wondrous wit? Do you have any tips you could impart to aspiring witty writers?

Many of my stories are based on my family. They are a litigious bunch.  Using humor makes it possible to ward off complaints by accusing them of being unable to take a joke.


What is the best piece of content by a witty woman you’ve read/watched/listened to/experienced recently?

I admire the work of Hannah Gadsby, Nora Ephron, and Tig Notaro and Amy Schumer


Do you have any advice for other witty writers?

Remember, if you don't get rejection letters you won't have anything to talk about with other writers.

Helen says “AGREE! Let’s combine rejection letters and weave into a cot blanket? Rejection starts young - #toughlove"    

Jean's short story "Unbound" appears in The Book of Witty Women available to purchase now.

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