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  • Helen Lederer


Slight boast now from a doting surrogate parent – I set up CWIP to celebrate existing as well as enable new witty authors.

Et voilà! In 2019, Kirsty Eyre won the inaugural unpublished prize - and WITHIN A YEAR, ladies and gentlewomen, her debut winning novel Cow Girl came out as an audio book and eBook.

TODAY it is out in PAPERBACK.

Excuse capitals, but this is an occasion to mark both Kirsty’s success and the fact that CWIP has done what it set out to achieve.

And it doesn’t stop.

We are about to crown our CWIP 2020 winners on 14 September! Check out CWIPWinners.

Kirsty recreates the COW GIRL cover pose

We're so happy and proud of Kirsty, our very first winner. And you never forget your first. We wish you every success with CowGirl and all your future books to come. We will be cheering you on all the way. Have a brilliant day from me and all of us at CWIP! Helen xxx

A glimpse at the family album of 2019 – the judges said this:

❝There was huge affection from all the judges for this witty novel set in the unlikely world of dairy farming.❞ 
❝The narrative voice was as strong as it was instant – providing an original and modern take on a romantic storyline.❞ 
❝An inspired and stylish read which was both smart and edgy. We cared about the witty and clever protagonist, the supporting characters and the cows in equal measure.❞ 

Happy Publication Day, Kirsty!

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