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CWIP MINI audio POD-ETTES – eavesdropping’s from the judges at CWIP’s winner meeting

Not only did we offer exclusive sound bites from judges and winners recorded on the actual night by Radio 2’s smashing Joe Haddow, but we have this as well.....

Some eavesdropping’s garnered by very wise Radio 4 journalist Alex Clark and Angela Martin. We daringly invited them into the judging chamber on the day of the winner’s meeting to capture these asides. Alex and Angela were not shy with their microphone positioning...

Alex Clark and Publisher Martha Ashby walk past a phallic painting and get inspired to riff…Harper Fiction also gets a mention thankfully which is just as well as they are publishing the winner… CLUE: #fresh #Cows #KirstyEyre.

Jenny Éclair and moi (Helen Lederer) act like two old crones (which we are) and talk about comedy instinct and bitterness (Angela hadn’t arrived at this point, so we decided to fill in). CLUE: #strict #Toungeincheek #Maybe

Alex Clark probes reviewer and author Fanny Blake on what the judges are looking for in a writerly unknown voice…..ooee listen up. CLUE: #Cows #KirstyEyre

Alex Clark talks to Dr Young about the need for the unpublished category and the MA winner. CLUE: #fajitas #AbigailMann

Alex Clark sits down with a cordial and the judges at the end of the day - the celebrity judges talk about jokes on the page and Marian Keyes loves the variety of the shortlist. CLUE: #robust #decisions.

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