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Gin up for CWIP

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started’ is an apposite quote this week - given it’s CWIP’s first year, and the entries for the prize have closed - but as Joan Rivers didn’t say that - I won’t bang on.

But who knew?  Four years ago – CWIP was still an idea for a comedy literary prize – based on my anger, bitterness, audacity and not having the right clothes for book launches or other literary canvases.

Now it exists – and apart from teething issues – like not having enough gin next to the PC - a recent bit of GOOD FORTUNE was meeting these people - King Of Soho

Suddenly CWIP is the recipient of generosity - not just because I knocked back several stunning gins at once – in the presence of its maker recently Alex Robson (btw you’ve got to taste her bespoke Variorum Berry version - it pops on tongue – which is no bad thing I can vouchsafe) but because CWIP is supported by people who ‘get it’-  IE they believe that funny female fiction has a deserved place on the literary landscape. 


So much so, Kings of Soho are offering to provide the prize money for the winner of the published prize category as well as runner up prizes for the shortlisted published authors. (pause for sip and exhalation)

So, in keeping with the tradition of women boasting and then pretending they haven’t – May I announce here - that the publishing industry will never be the same again. CWIP has ensured a relationship with funny female fiction and gin. Humour on the page can be instant or it can be a slow burn - Gin does this as well . So luckily, I’ve thought of everything.

Funny female Gin quote: "The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron.” – Phyllis Diller

Parable: And remember – whenever you get Funny writers' block – no need to despair - Chemically speaking, gin is a solution.

Rider: Peppermint tea is also good – because CWIP is as inclusive with its liquids as it is with its mission – year two CWIP goes larger.

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