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Reclaiming pants on the page - Flasher Fiction winners here

Updated: May 18, 2021

So, there we were, peering into our screens on a CWIP zoom as you do, dealing with a range of instabilities from Wi-Fi to a general, emotional, lock down, connectivity deficit - when the idea came upon us….

This was to create a mini - competition that is funny, different, piquant, flavoursome, feminist and pioneering if only to wet our witty pens, before the BIGGER (by at least 70 thousand words) CWIP prize 2021

‘Will we be able to pull it off?’ asked one member of the team.

‘Pardon you’ said another.

‘Let’s do it’ (I think it was me who said that) and then left the zoom to wash my hair, while Alex and Georgie did the rest.

What followed was a series of marvellous Instagram posts before being gifted a wondrous plethora of Flasher entries. All were witty, bold, and funny. Your £6.99 goes to support CWIP. Thank you.

Obviously, I took a bit of credit (naughty me) and blagged about it here ‎Good Sex Bad Sex: Less Romcoms, More Condoms on Apple Podcasts and er… here too

Here is a teaser of the Five Top Flashees: DO sign up to the newsletter (link at the bottom of this page) by Monday 22nd March 2021 for the FULL adult only version!!!

From ‘Fiona Bruce eating a cream egg’ (author RACHEL WOOLLETT) to a ‘Tina Turner- twerk on the memory foam’ (ANNE TIPPER) to ‘speaking different languages but you knew I was filthy’ (ZOE BROWNE to the ‘semi darkness of ratchet and son’s stationary cupboard’ (NICOLA KELSALL)

And we can now announce the Top Flasher is …. LILY LINDON ‘His fingers roam…. Not on me — in the book. ‘Sorry,’ he says. ‘I can’t finish on a cliffhanger.’

Congratulations to Lily Lindon (@bookymcbookface) and all authors who support CWIP.

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