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We’ve gone selfy publishy graphically

Helen Lederer at Costa Book Awards 2020

Me looking somewhat eager at Costa book awards in new green wedges. (They are green because the green ones were considerably cheaper than the same version in black.

No one knows why.)

Etiquette at book prizes can vary according to one's perceived place in the pecking order. Some of us tweet selfies with authors who we meet once a year whose book we haven’t quite finished, while others busily distribute business cards to waiters and agents alike.  Personally I like to get myself photographed as soon as possible before a gratis fizz and working the room. This involves interrupting people’s conversations – a device which prevents standing on one’s own and examining a pillar. It could be my imagination  but since setting up CWIP more people at book awards ignore me – or maybe I just notice it more. There’s more to worry about now – like which novelist must I remember to hide from (even though I don’t judge the awards myself but OH GOD - the worry) …. Great news though - CWIP’s now including self-published and micro-published for the funny graphic novels since March 2015– to tee up the array of funny content and attract more attention. Why? Because it’s time to say yes to attention. The published funny fiction entries are still open – as am I.  


Today’s writing tip? – tell an agent you don’t know very well you’ll be sending them your book in a couple of weeks.  

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