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  • Helen Lederer


…so imagine the scene… I’m poised with my iPhone, cava and raspberry flavouring, the wondrous novel The Bookish life of Nina Hill has been marked up by me IN PENCIL with all sorts of post-it notes with RELEVANT sections from which to reference my burning and key questions to the international and highly successful and accomplished author ABBI WAXMAN, when I notice something unusual.

Normally WITTY WEDS authors are positioned in front of floral curtain or bookshelves with a nice glass of something nearby, as is obligatory for the CWIP bonhomie.  

Well, on this Witty Wednesday, I found myself looking at a very nice-looking woman, sitting in a car and checking her rear mirror. I thought, very possibly I had pressed the wrong button and had been connected with a complete stranger in a drive-through. What would I say to them? Maybe the recipient had accidentally tuned into CWIP Witty Wednesday and was about to get a BIG MAC before shopping for groceries…

In fact, I WAS connected to the wondrous Abbi Waxman in person, who was placed in a queue for a driving test (not hers) and gamely keeping to the Witty Wednesday schedule, while her daughter then went off in her mother’s car to take a driving test.

Undaunted and now car-less, we continued the conversation, as Abbi squatted bravely on the kerb to continue, despite funny looks from passing onlookers. The conversation was mind blowing. We sped through writing tips, playlists, Dick picks and LSD trips.

And guess who passed their test…YUSS!!! She passed!! I’d like to think this has something to do with the lucky CWIP thing.

Please listen to this extraordinary Witty Wednesday live action:

My excitement about The Bookish life of Nina Hill is palpable – this is a truly, reliably, witty, wonderful read – original, and beautifully crafted and… even more exciting is the offer of a free lunch with ABBI WAXMAN in LA.

Reader, I’m going.

Past Witty Wednesdays are on our website with some also available on our CWIP IGTV channel.

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